Military Fine Art Prints

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Military Fine Art Prints

247 Commando has a growing range of High Quality Fine Art Military Prints from original paintings and artworks by Mik...



  • Military Fine Art Canvas Prints

    247 Commando offers high quality fine art canvas prints. Professionally printed & varnished on polyester-cotton canvas which is then stetched onto a 12x16” x 25mm deep fir or pine frame bars.
    The frame has corner joints. The canvas is folded envelope-style around the corners. Frame bars - made of fir or pine, from various manufacturers.
    Only top quality inks (by Canon, Epson or Permajet) are used, all of which are claimed to last a lifetime, and all I advise customers is not to display their stretched-canvas in constant sunlight or outdoors. Placing canvases in bathrooms is not normally a problem. I can confirm that in using a water-resistant canvas and varnishing, a Cam-vas Print will not be spoiled by steamy conditions. Wiping with a damp cloth is perfectly ok.
    These high quality fine art military prints are created from original paintings by Mike James and are individually signed by the artist. Orders normally take 3-4 days to complete.